Ellen Bushell 🇸🇪    (Group Leader)

molecular parasitologist • lover of data • science communicator • occasional tweeter @Bushell_Lab • proud parent • keen gardner • native Swede and honorary welshwoman • previously at @sangerinstitute @imperialcollege and @cardiffuni alumi.

Maria Ivanova 🇷🇺 🇬🇧    (PhD student)

PhD student busy with the blood stage screening of parasite exported proteins • mum to a future Olympic athlete • tennis player • will make you try cross-country skiing at least once • EssexUni and @imperialcollege alumni

Debojyoti Das 🇮🇳    (postdoctoral research fellow)

computational biologist • atrocious singer • postdoc @Bushell_Lab and @HenrikssonLab • previously @UofNorthDakota and @Harvard

Sophia Hernandez 🇵🇭    (PhD student)

PhD student working on developing tools to study essential genes in Plasmodium berghei • Raising awareness about neglected tropical diseases as a member of @DeNeglect • Professional Netflix series binge watcher • I like dogs, magnets and memes • Science IG illustrations: @labdrawer







Takahiro Ishizaki 🇯🇵    (postdoctoral research fellow)

Molecular parasitologist • Postdoc working on functional analysis of signalling proteins and developing genetic tools • Craft beer lover • Cat lover • Amateur photographer


Martina Paoletta 🇦🇷 🇮🇹  (postdoctoral research fellow)

Molecular biologist • Postdoc @Bushell_Lab working on the functional characterization of essential exported proteins • Sports watching expert • I love animals and my pets are named after great scientists







María Rayón 🇪🇸  (Lab Engineer)

Molecular biologist • Lab engineer @Bushell_Lab working on the characterization of exported malaria proteins • I like to try new sports, but you’ll probably find me playing beach volleyball or bouldering • I love traveling and photography

Thorey Kolbrun Jonsdottir 🇮🇸 (postdoctoral research fellow)
Molecular parasitologist • Postdoc working on exported proteins and developing gene editing techniques in Plasmodium berghei • Enjoy travelling and experiencing new culture • Malaria SciArt hobbyist @ThoreyJonsdott1 • Previously at @BurnetInstitute @UniMelb